Time and Place in Australia

Karen Millar

Perdetevi in un altro tempo e in un altro spazio.
La galleria Cudagong in NSW Australia dedica una mostra al concetto di tempo e spazio e la sua rappresentazione nelle opere ceramica. Curata da Viki Grima bravissima ceramista ed editor del prestigioso The Journal of Australian Ceramics, è la curatrice di questa mostra dedicata alla studio pottery australiana. L'idea nasce dall'interesse della curatrice nel mostrare come ogni opere esprima questi importanti concetti.

Time + Place: Australian Studio Ceramics 2010
10 Dec 10 - 31 Jan 11
Cudgegong Gallery, 102 Herbert Street, Gulgong, NSW

Avital Sheffer

a commercial ceramics gallery Exhibition: Time + Place - Guest curator Vicki Grima
The fundamental elements of time and place will be explored in a new exhibition at Cudgegong Gallery called Time + Place: Australian Studio Ceramics 2010. The exhibition is curated by
Viki Grima , an artist, editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics and an Executive Officer of the Australian Ceramics Association. Vicki said she is interested in the way in which artists reflect time and place in their work, and so this exhibition was born. “The physical and the intangible spaces, the minutes, hours and the years in which we live and work are reflected in our work,” she said. “The landscape around us, the architectural spaces in which we live and the small intimate objects in these environments are present in our work, whether intentionally or accidentally. “As well as being influenced by the time in which we live, it has taken time to build skills, time to make and time to consider the physical objects.” Artists taking part are: Ros Auld, Mollie Bosworth, Stephanie James-Mantann, John Mawhinney, Karen Millar, Sophie Milne, Aleida Pullar, Tania Rollond, Brenton Saxby, Avital Sheffer, Pam Sinnott, Andrew Widdis and Yuri Wiedenhoferare. Pam Sinnott is captivated by old and used kitchen utensils in her contributed works. 102 Herbert Street Gulgong NSW 2852 AUSTRALIA

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