Pallant House Gallery

Barnaby Bradford

Contemporary Eye: Crossovers

(occhio contemporaneo: scambi)

Interessante mostra nella provincia inglese del West Sussex. Pallan House Gallery ospita tra le sue mira settecentesche e nelle nuove gallerie adiacenti, diversi interventi di artisti contemporanei che esplorano il mondo delle arti applicate tradizionali in modo spesso scioccante e trasgressivo.
In mostra, opere di Grayson Perry (vincitore del Turner Prize nel 2003), le figurine di porcellana rielaborate di Bouke de Vries e Barnaby Barford, le installazioni minimal di Edmund de Waal, quelle barocche di Rachel Kneebone, le opere gioco di Jeff Koons e gli interventi a stampa di Livia Marin
Pallant House Gallery - Modern Art in the South
9 North Pallant Chichester West Sussex

Livia Marin

Contemporary Eye: Crossovers

2nd October 2010 — 6th March 2011

Rooms 12, 13, 14 and throughout the galleries.

Pallant House Gallery is located in central Chichester and is only a few minutes walk from Chichester Railway Station, the Cathedral and the Market Cross.
A series of exciting interventions in the 18th century house and new wing galleries from major private collections, by international contemporary artists exploring traditional craft.

"Traditionally the preserve of applied artists, in recent years craft techniques have increasingly crossed over into fine art territory, often with a radical or subversive edge. Contemporary Eye: Crossovers celebrates this experimentation, featuring works - sometimes shocking in nature - by artists such as Grayson Perry and Barnaby Barford which reimagine traditional techniques to bring new meanings and arguments to their work."

"The exhibition features three of Grayson Perry's early pots and a plate featuring imagery exploring social and political issues, as well as other international contemporary artists who have used ceramics in their work.

Several artists in the exhibition re-work found porcelain figurines to create new narratives and meanings: Bouke de Vries originally trained as a ceramic restorer and used his skills to turn new and often startling artworks. Barnaby Barford's witty tableaux such as ‘Go on You Lightweight. Down It!' have been installed amongst the Gallery's collection of eighteenth-century Bow Porcelain and his animated film ‘Damaged Goods', a love story between two found figurines, is showing in the panelling of the historic townhouse, alongside Ruth Claxton's assemblages of altered figurines and furniture.

Edmund de Waal's sculptural arrangement of his pots extends the language of Minimalist art and provides a powerful contrast to the almost Baroque sexual exuberance of Rachel Kneebone's porcelain wall sconces and Jeff Koon's kitsch porcelain ‘Puppy Vase.'

The Garden Gallery features ‘Broken Things (Obsidian Mirror)' by Livia Marin, a mural of 64 plates featuring the transfer of the familiar Willow Pattern in endless variations, playing with ideas of individuality and mass production."

Pallant House Gallery - Modern Art in the South
9 North Pallant Chichester West Sussex


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