Young and Adventurouse

Shell/Will at Camberwell Space
Camberwell College of Arts
45 - 65 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UF

Giovani ed Avventurosi

le nuove strade della ceramica,
Philip Li espone nella galleria del Camberwell College of Arts le opere realizzate nel periodo di residenza presso il college londinese. Non ci ho capito molto ma forse vuol dire che sto invecchiando...
Ci sono ragazzi nudi, moda , installazione, scultura e musica. Gli chiederĂ² di mandarci delle foto

BOYGIRL (2008)

the new ways of ceramic artists....

Philip Li wi
ll be showing new ceramic sculpture created especially as part of Camberwell Space's group exhibition called SHALL/WILL. It was made during his AA2A Artist-in-Resident position in the Ceramics Department of Camberwell College of Arts.

"Imagine semi-naked boys being covered in clay to a soundscape of industrial noises and bleeps,and you get an insight into the world created by Philip Li – an artist and performer who fuses together ceramics, fashion, performance and music into a unique sculptural vision. Li presents himself as both the sculptor and sculpture, creating highly stylised art works that use the infinite possibilities of clay as a metaphor for human transformation and reinvention. For Shall/Will, he has been appropriating making processes as a form of ritual for new sculptures.


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