Call for Submission, Prints on Clay

Lark Books, casa editrice nota ai ceramisti per la serie dei 500 (500 Ceramic Animals, 500 Vases, 500 Pitcher, 500 Bowls, 500 Ceramic Sculptures...) ha in programma un nuovo libro da aggiungere alla fotunata serie, 500 Prints on Clay. Se volete contribuire a questa nuova pubblicazione sul sito ci sono le informazioni per spedire i vostri lavori, mi raccomando devono essere inerenti all'argomento della stampa su ceramica !

Paul Andrew Wandless, autore di Image Transfer on Clay, sarà il giudice di 500 Prints on Clay, la deadline è Settembre 2011. Qui puoi scaricare il modulo download here

Calls for Submissions

Read the submissions below to learn how you might contribute to an upcoming Lark Books publication.

500 Prints on Clay

Lark Ceramics is publishing a new ceramics book in their “500” series, and they would like you to submit images for consideration.

Paul Andrew Wandless, author of Image Transfer on Clay, will jury 500 Prints on Clay, a 420-page, full color survey of typography, lettering, drawings, and photographs applied to clay. This international collection will be beautifully presented and widely distributed throughout the world in Spring 2013.

We welcome outstanding ceramic works that feature image transfer techniques. Ceramic pieces may be created with any type of clay and employ techniques including: screening, monoprinting, stenciling, stamping, relief printing, and decals. Artists whose work is selected for inclusion will receive full acknowledgment in the book, a complimentary copy, and discounts on the future purchase of books. Artists retain copyright to their work. Lark accepts high-quality digital images. No entry fee is required.

Submissions must be postmarked by September 15, 2011.

Detailed entry guidelines and permission forms are included on the 500 Prints on Clay Entry Form, which can be downloaded here. Please mail your submissions to:

Lark Crafts/500 Prints on Clay

67 Broadway

Asheville, NC 28801 USA

Attn: Dawn

We look forward to seeing your work!


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