A Great Club !

Craft Club è un'iniziativa che ha lo scopo di promuovere il craft (scusate ma sapepete che sono allergica alla parola artigianato...) nelle scuole e nei centri educativi. Il generoso lavoro dei volontari rende questo serivizio gratuito permettendo ai bambini di usufruire di questo meraviglioso e fondamentale insegnamento.

Purtroppo è un'iniziativa inglese, paese che nel craft crede veramente, sia come importanza nella formazione scolastica sia come professione "seria". Dietro questa iniziativa c'è come al solito il mitico Craft Council.

Speriamo che qualcuno si faccia ispirare...

Craft Club is a national campaign that champions craft in schools and other educational centres.

Get your school, gallery or library crafting! All young people deserve access to a full range of fun and rewarding craft projects as part of their cultural learning. We can help by uniting skilled and enthusiastic volunteers with schools and venues through after-hours clubs. The generous support of our volunteers ensures Craft Club is available free-of-charge to schools/ venues in England.

As a national campaign to revive craft learning for the young generation, Craft Club is about reinforcing the value of craft in formal and informal education, not just as a vocational subject, but as beneficial its own right.

Making and craft activity are creative and inclusive – everyone can be successful and have a great time! We believe that craft in schools should highlight the transferable learning qualities that are developed (creativity, planning, critical thinking, communication skills, self-management and enterprise) and acquired by handling materials, tools and ideas in various projects. These transferable skills make studying craft an excellent choice at Higher Education level and beyond, with a range of career options available.


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