Shu-Lin WU's residency in Talavera

Le coincidenze...l'altra sera alla mostra di Maria Bofill vedo una ragazza, anzi vedo principalmente un orecchino, in porcellana bianca e colorata, sfaccettato, molto bello e che avevo già visto, anzi che avevo sicuramente pubblicato sul blog. Approciandola in un raptus, anche grazie all'uso di un' idioma a  me più congeniale, (finally english!) ho scoperto che questa simpatica ragazza di Taiwan si trovava in Spagna per una residenza alla Escuela de Artes de Talavera .

Wu Shu-Lin  insieme a Lin  Lung-Chie e Tswng Shu-Ling sono stati ospiti della scuola spagnola per 6 settimane producendo nuovi lavori esposti in una mostra nella bella città. Purtroppo la mostra è terminata ma queste sono alcune foto che mi ha mandato Wu Shu-Lin.
 Qui un articolo di un giornale locale
the other night while enjoying the exhibition of Maria Bofill I noticed a porcelain earring, very beautiful, that I had posted on my blog some time ago. The earring, and the ear, belonged to Taiwanese artist Shu-lin Wu that was in Madrid while on a residency at Escuela de Artes de Talavera 
 toghether with ceramist artists Lin  Lung-Chie e Tswng Shu-Ling.
 Here is the work she made during the stay and a description of her work

"As a Taiwanese female artist with European background, my jewelry underlines my
orient/occident crossing cultural perception. My work is a language without words.
It is the object involves history and culture. It bridges a person from a touch of skin
to the rest of the world. Therefore, my jewelry talks for me. It communicates my
personal traveling experience and private life stories to viewers.

During my residency in Talavera de la Reina, I have developed 2 series of works:
in the “Seasonal Memory - Autumn” series, I created the pieces which contain my
memories of this season-autumn. By using the local material and combining different
materials such as metal wire and nature material, I tried to find a balance between
the “Gift from the Nature” and the ‘human-world. The other series “Mon Coeur (my
heart)”, I played with the very popular “heart symbol”. The form becomes a media to
express my personal identity as a female artist from Asia."

Here an article from a local newspaper


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