Christmas Greetings

mi piace ricevere gli auguri e condividerli ...
Buone Feste

I love to share Xmas Greeting ...
Happy Holidays

Dear Friends of ART AUREA,
As 2011 nears its end, we wish you very happy holidays. And for the New Year, we wish you:
– Health, without which all is nothing;
– Equanimity, to rise blithely above pessimistic news and scenarios of crises;
– Optimism, to keep believing in a better world, despite every catastrophe;
– Patience, to work toward your goals with perseverance and without haste;
– Ideas, to spark enthusiasm in your customers and in us;
– Energy, to create lastingly high-quality artifacts that stem the tide of cheap and worthless objects;
– Moments, to pause inwardly and experience harmony with yourself and the world; and
– Time, to make whatever else is important to you that we haven’t mentioned here.
Yours truly,


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