Aneta Regel Deleu at Puls Ceramics

“The main focus of my ceramic forms is the exploration of materials and their combinations. I am particularly interested combining the rough natural qualities of materials such as rock with malleable materials such as clay. The resulting juxtaposition of the natural and human-made creates a dramatic friction and tension. This reinforces the transformation and sense of movement that objects undergo during the passage from one state to another throughout the making process.”

A sudden and unstoppable passion for "encrustations" makes me enjoy even more these beautiful forms. 
Aneta Regel Deleu exhibition / Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Brussels September 8 - October 6, 2012

Un'improvvisa ed irrefrenabile passione per le incrostazioni mi fa apprezzare ancora maggiormente le  sculture di Aneta Regel Deleu.
Fino al 6 Ottobre presso Puls Contemporary Ceramics Bruxelles


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