Edmund De Waal, 1000 hours

Alan Cristea Gallery is pleased to present a thousand hours, an exhibition of 11 new ceramic installations by Edmund de Waal which will be shown at 31 & 34 Cork Street from 6 October until 10 November 2012.

1000 thrown porcelain vessels, some glazed in celadon and white, some unglazed, within a pair of aluminium vitrines with transparent and translucent acrylic
Each vitrine 243.5 × 75 × 210 cm
 Overall dimensions 243.5 × 210 × 210 cm

I love Edmund De Waal, there I admit it. He is just the best !
He is subtle, quiet, calm while producing work that is powerful and grand (in a subtle kind of way), always the same and always different ...he is a naturally sophisticated potter (in an unpretenscious, subtle, quiet, calm kind of way )


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