Point of Departure, RCA, London

Point of Departure
Great Western Studios 
Exhibition runs: 27th Nov - 4th Dec 2012

I have a weak spor for the RCA students, their work is never disappointing ...
Here is a great chance to see 2nd yr students from the ceramic and glass department, these are some images of Cristina Vezzini's works.
Point of Departure presents an opportunity to view work by second year master’s students from the Royal College of Art’s celebrated Ceramics and Glass programme at a pivotal point in development.
The programme itself has been described as a site for discursive practice, where cultural, social, personal, historical and aesthetic concerns intersect. An overarching belief that the skills of making and thinking can develop in tandem, and that the made object is a vehicle for expression that can engage with the individual and society, lies behind much of its students’ output. 
The artists do not see ceramics and glass merely as a fixed set of media, instead prizing and celebrating diversity and breadth whilst embracing connections.
As work in progress, Point of Departure includes eighteen individual artists’ investigations taking form. It gives a rare insight into the thinking behind the works at this ‘point of departure’. The exhibition reflects recent discoveries within the students’ artistic journeys as they establish individual identities.

The work itself covers a wide spectrum – from design for manufacture, the unique art object to installation. Themes being dealt with range from the body, the domestic and the architectural, at the core of which is material understanding.
Helle Bjerregaard
Rachel Hopkins
Sabina Stumberger
Kane Cali                                   
Rosanna Martin                                   
Ester Svensson
Kevin Callaghan                       
Enrique Perezalba Red                                    
Luke Twigger           
Eunghan Choi                           
Helena Plado                                               
Cristina Vezzini
Olivia Fink                                   
Shane Porter                                               
Jonathan Wade
Lydia Hardwick                       
Mella Shaw                                               
Yiru Wang

Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road London W2 5EU
 t. 020 7221 0100 fx. 020 7221 0200


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