Ceramics and the Human Figure, book

This is the present I got myself for Los Reyes ! (in Spain it's them not Santa Clause )
I don't normally work with the figure but sometimes I feel the urge to express myself in a more explicitly visual way.  Then shame comes along and I go back to minimalism...
Well here is a very good selection of artists making figurative works, I hope that they will infuse some courage in me.
Figurative work rocks !
Here is the author's web: Edith Garcia

"Why work with the figure in clay today?"

from Amazon

The human figure has been represented in clay throughout history and continues to evolve today. Artists are working with the figure in new ways, playing with materials and forms, and making use of new technologies to produce challenging and unconventional work, from the intact whole figure to the fragmented, hybrid and abstract. Ceramics and the Human Figure profiles an international range of ceramic artists, all practising within the fields of installation and sculpture. Divided by broad themes, each chapter features a variety of different expressive works. The book explores the methods of six key artists, using how-to images to illustrate their techniques.For artists, collectors, and anyone interested in these themes, Ceramics and the Human Figure is an exciting survey of the state of the figure in clay today.


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