New York Ceramics Fair

Great exhibitions during the Ceramic Art Fair NY !!

Past as Prologue in contemporary ceramic arts frames the presentation of two extraordinary special exhibits at the 2013 New York Ceramics Fair taking place in the ballroom of the Bohemian National Hall at 321 East 73Stbetween First and Second Avenues, January 23-27.

Michelle Erickson, Black & Blue Teapot, 2001
The exhibit ME@V&A mounted by internationally renowned ceramicist and scholar Michelle Erickson, presents works she created during her Ceramics Residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s greatest museum of art and design, in London, from July to September, 2012. The V&A article announcing her residency acknowledged" Erickson’s worldwide recognition “for her mastery of lost ceramic arts during the age of exploration and colonialism. Her contemporary work makes use of these arcane ceramic techniques to create historical narratives about political, social, and environmental issues – both past and present".

Stephen Young Lee
COVET/Contemporary Ceramic Art using Historical Sources presents the works of leading contemporary ceramicists assembled by gallerista and curator Leslie Ferrin, reprising a highly successful Project produced by Ferrin and ARTBerkshire in the summer of 2012; COVET Art & Objects. COVET was summer-long series of exhibitions and events across the Berkshires focused on the direct relationship between contemporary artists and historic artwork in museum collections. COVET at the New York Ceramics Fair will include works by Christa Assad, Michelle Erickson, Molly Hatch, Giselle Hicks, Sergei Isupov, Frances Palmer, Mara Superior and Jason Walker.


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