That look...Getting Things of my Chest

While this is not one of my usual post it regards something that has bothered my for many years.
The other day I went to see an exhibition in a very established gallery in Madrid, they were hosting new works from mallorcan artist Miguel Barcelo`. I wanted to go for days but couldn't find the time, so eventually I had to squeeze it in between attending my son basketball match and Saturday house duties.
As soon as I entered the gallery´s space I notice the assistant's look, you know "that Look", it was not the first time but it always surprise me. Maybe because I have the bad custom of being accompanied by children (we are talking 9 and 12, shouldn´t they start to appreciate art ??) or because I dress extremely casually ( don´t we all ???) but it happens, and it is very sad.
The "Look" is a behaviour, stupid and impolite, that should inspire you to leave the space ASAP while the gallery´s assistant attend that old lady in the fur coat ...Porfavor

Sorry to burst the bubble but these days you really shouldn´t concentrated on the furry-coated ladies, have you notice that the world´s richest men wear trainers ( this is not the case, but don't know that )  ???
And if art is only business than let us pay a ticket at the entrance and let us enjoy the works in peace.
I, as you might have guessed by now, hate hate hate this attitude, it pays a terrible service to art and it should be simply dropped.

I am aware that it doesn't happen only in gallery, a couple of months ago I had a really nasty encounter in a fancy house decoration shop. They had various nice looking ceramic pieces and I made the mistake to get to close to a sturdy stoneware pot....ohh I didn't realise I was committing a sin. The assistant run to me screaming that it was extremely fragile and that I shouldn't dare touching it...WHAT ??? Am I supposed to buy a ceramic piece without even touching it ??? Don't you know (can I add stupid cow at this point ??) that touch is so deeply connected with ceramics that you can't have one without the other ??

Well to cut the story short in both cases I left promptly deeply offended by their assumption of my lack of knowledge. But here is the message to gallery's owners out there: train your assistant, people come in a gallery or a shop to enjoy and if they don't...well they won't buy. So either if you are in the business for passion or for is time to wake up !

thanks for letting me get this thing of my chest and sorry Miguel I would have loved to experience your work more deeply, maybe next time I'll come to Mali ;)


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