Tim Rowan at EH&C

Tim Rowan at Erskine Hall and Coe

Tim Rowan's ceramics are greatly paired with Matthew Harris's painting in Erskine Hall and Coe new exhibition.
Rowan works out of native clay and woodfire, the surface is ragged and delicate, uneven and interesting.

The catalogue is viewable on-line

TIM ROWAN (b.1967)
Tim Rowan was born in New York City and grew up in Connecticut along the shore of Long Island Sound.  His art education began during college, receiving a BFA from The State University of New York at New Paltz before journeying to Japan for 2 years to apprentice with ceramic artist Ryuichi Kakurezaki. Upon his return he worked briefly in studios in Massachusetts and New York before receiving his MFA from The Pennsylvania State University.
In 2000 he established his kiln and studio deep in the woods of the Hudson Valley.Tim Rowan (b.1967)



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