Wouter Dam at Puls

Wouter Dam    2/03/13 > 4/04/13 at Puls Ceramics

The renowned Dutch ceramic sculptor Wouter Dam creates objects that are minimalist at first glance. Yet they are always complex and intriguing, leading the eye around soft curves and sharp edges and pleasing in a meditative way. Every new object Dam creates is unique. While all appear to be subtle variations on a same theme, each one is different from all that have gone before.
Dam confesses to being obsessed with the sculptural side of clay yet he still uses many traditional pottery methods such as throwing on a potter’s wheel to create his sculptures. His abstract ceramic sculptures are the result of a quest that started with traditional pots altered with minimalist intent. Over the years, they slowly became more open and complex and now consist only of curling strips of clay, barely disclosing the essential “potness” and “bowlness” of their forebears. In spite of appearances, one can still trace back the making process of the pieces to the potter’s wheel. Colors are chosen to enhance the sculpture; the pigments are sprayed onto the surface, adding nothing more than is necessary.

Puls Ceramics
19 rue du Page (Châtelain)
B-1050 Brussels
+32 494 83 60 55


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